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Direct venture capital and marketplace lending for sophisticated and institutional investors.


Crowd Financial is a private markets specialist, active in both venture capital and marketplace lending. We provide investors with access to direct venture capital opportunities from leading origination networks and provide a single point of entry to marketplace lending.

Direct Venture Capital By Crowd Financial

Direct Venture Capital

We differentiate ourselves by the quality of our origination partners. We only work with platforms and investor networks with robust investment due diligence processes.

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Marketplace Lending By Crowd Financial

Marketplace Lending

By working closely with our clients, we provide detailed market insight and simplified access, which helps them build a diversified marketplace lending portfolio.

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The Liberum AltFi Data indices have been created with the intention of increasing visibility within the alternative finance sector. AltFi data believe that bringing transparent metrics to the sector will improve its profile and further enhance the sector’s appeal to investors.